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J2_Fic: Shut Up & Love Me |The Beginning|


Title: The Beginning of the beginning

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys

Pairing: J2 (eventually)

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Title and Rating changes for each chapter. Okay this is written for sian265  fromspn_bunnies  requesting: Supernatural is over and Jensen is ready for a home and family, but Jared...he wants fame and fortune. What happens five or six years down the road when Jared comes looking for Jensen and what they had, only to find Jensen the father of twins? Is Jared ready to settle down and become a dad and will Jensen let him back in?

I'm mainly good at one-shots and something not heavily plotted so this is gonna be hard for me. Uh, so I hope this first chapter doesn't suck entirely. For handholding, please e-mail me.


It's not like he meant for it to happen, it just happened and he couldn’t go back on it now. Possibly ever. He just had to bulldoze over the whole thing and fucking move on.

They wanted different things, Jensen wanted a fucking family (when the hell did they plan that?) and Jared wanted more. He couldn’t very well spend his entire career cushy on the CW. If he thinks about it, his career isn't that much of a reach. Just a pathetic attempt at being an actor really so he was fucking furious when Jensen even suggested settling down.

What the fuck for? He hasn't even started yet.

Jared felt the slip of irrationality gripping him, so he took a deep breath and let it out. He pasted on a smile for his pleasing audience and took the fucking pictures with Jensen. It was Supernatural's last season party. He should be fucking ecstatic.


Knocking insistently on their front door, Jensen was confused as to why it was closed. Now pounding on the wood frame, he was even more confused when it willingly opened on its own.

Stepping inside cautiously, Jensen grabbed the nearest weapon, which happened to be his precious guitar; he held it firmly in his hand, ready to strike at a moments notice.

Searching all the rooms, he found nothing out of the ordinary and there was no one at his home so he stood in the middle of the living room, completely bewildered.

Green eyes searched the wide space looking for something, anything that was amiss when his eyes landed on a little pink post it flying about on the TV, hanging on for dear life.

Jensen sunk to the floor, grabbed the note and tossed it. He didn’t have to scan the contents to know what was missing in his own damn house.

"Fucking coward son-of-a-bitch"


It's not like he did it on purpose or anything (lies), he was just shooting at a new location (outside the country), and he didn’t want any pressure outside his work (Jensen). He just wanted a clean break that's all (keep telling yourself that, Jared).

Shut up.

And if that’s what it takes to keep him sane, Jared Padalecki will absolutely keep lying to himself that he just did not run away from happiness just for fame and fortune.


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