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J2_Fic: Shut Up & Love Me |Sins of the Flesh|

Title: Sins of the Flesh

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys

Pairing: J2 (eventually)

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Title and Rating changes for each chapter. Okay this is written for sian265   from spn_bunnies   requesting: Supernatural is over and Jensen is ready for a home and family, but Jared...he wants fame and fortune. What happens five or six years down the road when Jared comes looking for Jensen and what they had, only to find Jensen the father of twins? Is Jared ready to settle down and become a dad and will Jensen let him back in?

Thanks so much for the reviews! They were greatly appreciated, couldn’t wait to get this chapter out. Funny thing happened, I actually wrote the third chapter before this one so stick around for that one cause it’s gonna be here fast! For hand holding, please e-mail me.


A newspaper was suddenly tossed on his bed, right next to his latest conquest waking them up fitfully. Jared didn’t have to open his eyes to know who it was; the heated glare was searing his back.

"What the fuck Richard?"

"Read this and tell me"

Jared didn’t have to raise his head from the warm shoulder or read the goddamn paper to know what the fuck his agent was talking about.

However, the unwavering glare being sent at his direction at fuck o'clock was really giving him a headache so he read the stupid article on how he was a slut yadda yadda yadda.

On second thought, "After my shower" Jared said then looked at his wide-eyed fuck.

"You, get the fuck out, Rosa will kindly excuse you out of the premises" with that a chubby, Spanish woman escorted the young man outside the gates and Jared headed to the shower, leaving his agent/manager-whatever-the-fuck-he-is gaping at the interaction.


After his third cup of coffee, Jared was feeling slightly more human then finally picked up the Times.

Seeing his face plastered on the front page didn’t blink an eyelash for him. He’s been on the front cover for almost months now, nothing new. At least nothing they haven’t said before.

Jared Padalecki, Hollywood Man Whore.

Like he said, nothing new.

It didn’t even get him angry anymore. That’s who he was now and if he had to fuck anything on two legs to scratch green eyes and freckles out of his mind, he would gladly do it over and over and over…again.


Since Supernatural’s last season and Jared’s unexpected dash out of his life, Jensen felt barren. At first he took it in stride, a little part of him sort of expected it in a way by the way they had been fighting a lot at that time but he thought they were stronger than running away from each other. He thought that Jared was stronger than running away from his problems.

Jared was always the stronger of the two so it came off as a surprise and…not at the same time. So he did what he always did to get over the hurt and pain by locking himself away for two months, no phone calls or e-mails and absolutely no visitors. He barely left the house, just only for food (which he barely ate) and wallowed in self-pity and tears.

He hurt, he hurt so damn much but he couldn’t change any of it.

Anger came much later, when he moved back to L.A that is.

However, what really shook him out of his stupor was this homeless dog. It had mocha fur and had large brown eyes. It had three legs and was hopping its way to the supermarket alongside Jensen and he couldn’t help but care for it. He felt such a surge of affection was this dog, it sometimes bordered on obsession.

This dog gave him a reason to leave his home every day and he spilled his unwavering love unto this dog that gave him a reason to live. So he named her Mika.


Picking up the doggy loofah, he swiped at her fur, cleaning off the excess mud that stuck to her fur. Earlier in the day they had been playing around in the yard so she got mud all over her and Jensen was now stuck giving her a bath.

He didn’t mind so much, he liked spending time with Mika. It’s as if she understood so Mika licked his cheek making Jensen giggle.

After cleaning her up, he brought a towel but as he got closer to the wet dog, she shook her wet fur spreading water all over the place, making Jensen shriek.


She barked and Jensen laughed.

A little while later, when Jensen was done making his lunch and plopping on the couch, Mika saddled up next to him and put her brown head in his lap. Jensen scratched her fur and turned on the T.V.

Bad idea.

An old Supernatural episode was on and Jensen shakily flicked to another channel only for him to see Jared’s smiling face. Jensen turned off the T.V shakily while Mika licked at his face, only then noticing he had tears streaming down his face.

He pulled Mika in closer and sniffed into her fur while holding tightly to her.


 “Jesus fuck Soph look at him. It’s like he can’t stop”

“He’s just trying to make up for what he’s lost and sorry for”

“Cant he just go back to Jensen and beg for forgiveness like a normal person?”

“He has too much pride for that, you know that”

“It’s not even just him fucking around anymore, he’s changed Soph. He’s like a different person since he won an Oscar.”

“You mean colder and hurtfully honest?”

“You said that honey”

“Doesn’t make it less true babe”


Squinting at the L.A sun, Jensen held Mika’s cage in one hand and his luggage in the other while looking out for Danneel.

After months of dealing with grief, he had decided that enough was enough and Jared could go fuck himself for all he cared. He needed to get on with his life.

He also managed to spend an additional month in Texas, comforting his family after months of absence. He couldn’t bring himself to explain why Jared wasn’t there; he just soaked in the sun and played with Mika.

“Jensen! Over here!”

Jensen plastered a smile on his face and made his way over to Danneel trying to shush her; it was LAX for Christ sakes! It was practically a breeding ground for paparazzi.

She just laughed and dragged him into her car.

“Jensen Ross Ackles where have you been? No call? No messages! Not even an e-mail!”

Jensen squawked and shook his head at his friend’s antics. He forgot how much he missed Danneel, which reminds him. He should probably give Chris, Steve and Jason a call.

Jensen petted her hair, pecking her on the cheek.

“I’m sorry m’darling, I was taking time off after the show ending. I’ll explain everything later”

A bark pierced through the cool air of the car startling both of them.

Jensen laughed at Danneel’s confused, pouting face “That too”.


“I’m just saying Jared! This is getting out of control! It has to stop or you’ll just be another Lindsay Lohan!”

Jared furrowed his eyebrows “Why Lindsay? Really”

Richard face palmed and sat down sighing heavily “Look, Jared. I know your taking a break this summer and I highly recommend that so you leave the spotlight for awhile, all I’m saying is...Just put your sex drive on hold for a little bit until this scandal blows over”

Jared blew out a heavy breath making his bangs flip up and out of his eyes “Fine, whatever Richard just tell me what I’m gonna have to do”

“I’m just saying, you should take it slow, get a girlfriend...or a boyfriend and just settle down a little—“

“I do not wanna fucking settle down Richard! It’s exactly why my career is through the roof! I cannot settle RICHARD!”

“Fine” Richard whispered quietly “I will see to it that this...blows over but I will tell you one thing, call me when you want your career back because without me, you are nothing! I think you almost forgot that” with that Richard, closed the door.

Jared felt his veins turn to lava, so he took his anger out on the various number of furniture surrounding him.

“Mr. Jared! Mr. Jared please stop!” Rosa called out afraid of her boss’s antics.

Jared breathed out heavily trying to control his anger. He kicked once more at the broken T.V and huffed out of the house.


“So yeah that’s what happened with Jared. He wasn’t ready to have a family and I guess I pushed him too far and he ran away Dan”

“Don’t you dare blame yourself for this Jensen! You couldn’t push anyone if you tried. He obviously did this of his own accord, so please don’t blame yourself or you will not move on!”

Jensen wiped at his tears and nodded. He was so fucking tired of crying all the time!

Suddenly his veins felt hot, and he felt this overwhelming urge to break something. Thinking about it, Danneel was right.

He can’t be blaming himself for Jared’s fuck ups but he thought they were happy happy to move to that next step in their relationship.

Guess not.

Jensen felt the anger drain out of him immediately so he petted Mika’s fur and thought about how to go on from this point.



“I told you not to call this house again you disgusting piece of shit! You are not welcome here any longer! As long as you do not live in the light of Jesus, you have no right calling this house anymore! You are also not allowed to contact anyone else in this family and if you do, I will know and I’ll fucking call the police to get a restraining order on your faggot ass! I’ll be sure to pray for you when you stop fucking other boys.”



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