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J2_Fic: Padawan


I do not own the boys

This is like a drabble/one-shot about Jared’s chest hair. Yeah, I know…weird. Enjoy…

Summary: Damn Jared and his chest hair...

Jensen stared at Jared. Well, more like his chest hair anyway…It was just so hypnotic. He had the perfect sprinkle of hair below his collarbone and Jensen fell in love with him again. How that’s possible he’ll never know but Jared was just sitting there making him crazy. He had to have himnow.

Hearing the growl emanate from his left, Jared turned his head and met Jensen’s barely concealed lust. Damn. Following Jensen’s gaze, it landed him on his chest. Kinky bastard. Jared smirked stretching to expose more of said chest hair. He grinned at the audience and threw Jensen a coy look.


“Uh Jensen? Jensen!”

Snapping his neck towards the audience, Jensen winced. This was definitely going on the internet.

“Huh? Oh yeah” Jensen flushed and Jared took pity and helped him out. They were at a con for Christ sakes and he couldn’t hold himself back just this once. Looking back at Jared for the last time, Jensen decided not to look at the right side of the hall before the fans saw things they just weren’t ready for.

Feeling eyes on him, Jared turned to look at Jensen trying not to look at him and started to chuckle. Jensen scowled. Jared was definitely playing him. Damn Jared and his chest hair…

~Later that night~

Jensen tackled Jared to the bed, grasped his flannel shirt and ripped the damn thing, buttons flying everywhere.

Before Jared had a chance to protest, an agile tongue forced its way into his mouth. He moaned. Jensen placed a quick kiss to stubbly face and kissed his way down, pecking sparse hair as he went down, coming back up, he licked the sweat surrounding Jare’s nipples slicking them with spit and sliding his tongue back into Jared’s mouth.

Pulling back, he grinned down at his unshaven, gorgeous lover.


Jared made an exaggerated sound and flopped his hands down on the bed. Jensen giggled and captured pink lips between his.


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