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J2 Fic: Shut Up & Love Me |Over the Horizon|

Title: Over the Horizon

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys

Pairing: J2 (eventually)

Rating: NC-17

Notes: Title and Rating changes for each chapter. Okay this is written forsian265   from spn_bunnies   requesting: Supernatural is over and Jensen is ready for a home and family, but Jared...he wants fame and fortune. What happens five or six years down the road when Jared comes looking for Jensen and what they had, only to find Jensen the father of twins? Is Jared ready to settle down and become a dad and will Jensen let him back in?

Thanks so much for the reviews guys! I thought this chapter would come fast but since I took the second chapter in another direction, I had to change almost everything for the third chapter, but no worries! I will post this by Friday. For hand holding, please e-mail me.

******007s= Ecstasy


"You good for nothing piece of shit! I hate You! Hate You! Hate You!"

A resounding smack sent the floppy-haired teenager flying across the floor, tears silently making its way down his cheeks.

The sound of bone crunching came next, drawing whimpers and sobs out of the lithe body.

Darkness swallowed him as he limped helplessly to his room.


Aruba was fucking beautiful this time of the year, but then again when was it not what with the deep cerulean seas and sandy white beaches;not to mention the beautiful people. It's probably what drew him here. The freedom of anonymity. He didn't know an absolute soul on the island and Jared preferred it that way.

Looking out the beautiful view out his temporary villa, he couldn't help but think of particular green eyes. Jared sighed. He would have loved it here.


Jared shook his head at the sharp burst of pain that word brought and the memories clouding his vision. Since he took Richard's advice and took a vacation, his nightmares had come back with a vengeance.

He needed to do something about it and now since his emotions seemed to getting out of control lately.

Shaking his head to erase clouding emotions, he went and called Chad. Hopefully, he'll be douchey enough to make him laugh and take his mind off things.


Six months later and Jensen was still trying to get his life back in order after Jared. It had been a hard three months after he moved in with Danneel but he had to move on sooner or later.

Having Danneel as a roommate definitely helped, sometimes they were dubbed as Will & Grace by their friends. Right now he just needed people he loved surrounding him at all times. Chris and the gang even stopped and stayed by a few times, sometimes throwing a party just to get pissed drunk. Life was good, for now.

His dating life however, was just down the drain. He couldn't even look at someone without thinking about Jared. He didn't think Jared knew how much Jensen loved him 'cause he was supposed to be it.

Jensen sighed and took a popped a Xanax. Time for another blind date...


The doorbell rang several times rousing Jared from sleep, he unstuck his head from the ridiculous amounts of pillows and stepped into the main room to open the door.

Rubbing his eyes, he unlatched the French double doors only to blink repeatedly at who was on the other side.

"Well, are you gonna let me in anytime soon asshole?"

Closing the door, Jared swiped at his tuffed up hair, "What're you doing here Soph?"

She smirked, in her husky voiced said "Trying to protect your stupid ass from doing something stupid"

Jared shook his head and poured coffee "God I miss my friends" he then chuckled.


Tossing his head back and forth Jared fought against the clawing darkness but couldn't break free so he whimpered helplessly.

"You fucking faggy piece of shit what happened to your little boyfriend today? he leave because you didn't take it up the ass for him? Huh Fag?"

A small boy, no younger than 13 or 14 looked up fearfully at a burly, round man spitting cusses and hurtful jabs at him, not knowing what to do but to cower in fear and whimper helplessly.

When the kicking and the hurting started, the floppy haired boy just curled into a small ball taking it until he had enough strength to crawl into his room.

"Help! He..Hel..Help!"

Jared whispered restlessly tossing on his bed, his whole body beaded in sweat.

"Jay, Jay, Jay! wake up!"

Jared bolted awake nearly knocking down Sophia.

"What! What, What happened?"

Sophia looked worried. "You were crying out for help, what happened?"

Jared went from confused to withdrawn and closed off in the space of a second. He shrugged. "Nothing much Soph. Just nightmares"

Sophia just gave him the 'I-don't-believe-you-look' and nodded. She patted him on the back and went to leave "You will tell me when your ready right? You know I'm always, always here for you right?"

Jared nodded slowly and suddenly got up. "Now that we're done with the sentimental bullshit, can we get dressed and party? There are lots of beautiful people here, not to mention the babes.." Jared said waggling his brows.

Soph chuckled. "Not to mention the hot men" she added.

Jared threw her a look while shimming his butt over to the shower "Who do you think I was talking about honey?"

Sophia threw her head back and laughed. She kinda couldn't wait.


Hopping out of the expensive car, Jared beelined for the bar hoping to get a little loose enough to fuck anything with two legs, at least when he's smashed, he wouldn't give a fuck.

Sophia silently watched her friend head to the dance floor with some twink and shook her head. Tapping out her cigarette, she watched the twink grope and grind her friend and smiled sadly. Now he's gonna fuck him in 5...4...3...2...

At 1, Jared and twink where no where to be seen. Sophia sighed loudly and wondered what the fuck Jared was doing.

However, contemplating that is filled with unanswered questions she'd rather not think about in a night club with gay boys and lesbians.

Yes, ladies and gentleman Sophia Bush is a Lesbian and somehow managed to be a fag hag at the same fucking time. Isn't that a wonder of the world?

She shook her head at herself and wondered into the sea of writhing bodies, if she plays her cards right, maybe she'll get some tonight.


Snorting some 007s, and offering his partner some (which he took), Jared hit the back wall then pushed the guy down in front to suck him off good and hard.

After a few minutes of bliss, he finally came with his hand tightly clutching the stranger's dark hair.

He plastered himself to the wall for a few minutes to catch his breath then headed back into the club to bring back another trick for the night.

Grabbing a hot blond with bright green eyes, Jared tried hard not to think too hard on what (who) that reminded him off and went off with Soph's car, reminding himself to send her a car later.


Sunshine pierced into the curtains of the master suite in a large villa which housed two men tangled together, come and sweat sticky and dry on their bodies.

Jared winced when he opened his eyes so he closed them again, opening one after the other. Stretching, he extracted himself from the warm body and walked into the shower, the sun showing off his perfectly toned and tanned ass.

Feeling almost human, he dressed and sipped coffee while waiting for his fuck-of-the-night to fuck off.

After his second cup of coffee and no signs of the stranger on his bed waking up, he went into his study to make some calls.


"Why do you do it Jay?"

"Why what?"

"You know what I mean asshole"

Jared shrugged feigning confusion.

He took a drag from Sophia's joint, making sure to let it sink in before releasing and giving it back.

They were laying head to head on the patio watching the sunset, of all fucking things to do with his evening.

"I mean, your a huge, mega-fucking superstar and your going around fucking twinks and strangers who may or may not have crabs, or gonorrhea or fucking Syphilis!"

"Okay, okay got the message loud and clear Soph. I don't fucking need a lecture from you too."


"I mean, I don't know. God I'm such an asshole Soph. What I've done. I can't expect him to ever forgive me"

Sophia touched Jared's hand, lending her support but never turning around to face him.

"They can never replace him, ever Soph. I don't know what to do without him. I thought once I got the fame and fortune, once I was a better person,  he would understand you know?"


"Turns out, I still fucking love him and I'm stuck like this until he decides to forgive me"

The sun is but a bleep on the horizon and yet, its still so fucking beautiful that it makes Jared cry.

Yeah, that's what it is.


Seriously, I don't like this chapter at all, but it had to be written. I mean it didn't even say anything but I also didn't wanna go on and on and on..(you get the point) so I ended it here for both our sakes. Hope you liked it more than me though. I promise to make it up to you guys with the next chapter.

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