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J2_Fic: I Love Love

Just a little visual...

I Love Love

I do not own the boys

This is a fic prompt from spn_bunnies  written for ilovedoyle .


Even though it’s not Jared’s type of song genre, or even his type of music for that matter…Jensen had been hinting at (pretty heavily) wanting to go to a Michael Buble concert for months now and Jared being--you knowin love with him and everything…secretly ordered (very) expensive tickets to a Michael Buble concert.

Hearing a guy sing about love and everything that could possibly relate to love made Jared want to shoot himself but he would grin and bear it since its Jensen and since you know he loves Jensen. So he expected the night to go as planned: give Jensen the tickets for his upcoming birthday (also the day of the concert), go to the concert, buy t-shirts from said concert and leave quickly before he unknowingly finds himself humming the tunes.

However, Jared did not expect this. Jensen was already donning Michael Buble attire from the cap to his socks (how does the man get his own godamn sock?) Jared shook his head in thought and gawked at Jensen.

“Hey Jare, wanna go to an MB concert with me?”

“B-but. How did you know?”

Jensen looked confused “know what? Since you didn’t wanna get me the tickets, I got ‘em. So wanna go?”

“But I did get them!” Jared shoved the two tickets in Jensen’s face.

Jensen blinked in surprise. “You actually wanted to go?”

“Hell no! It was supposed to be for your birthday asshole!”

Jensen scowled, “don’t you diss Michael’s greatness! For that your coming with me whether you like it or not”

Jared nodded solemnly; he might as well give up. He wasn’t getting out of this one. Especially with those fiery eyes trained on him. He could never resist those eyes…

“I’ll go change…” Jared started to drag himself to his bedroom, “Oh Jared! Wear the stuff I put on your bed!”Jensen yelled from the kitchen.

Jared looked at the t-shirt, hat, socks and teddy bear lying on the bed. What the hell is he gonna need a damn teddy bear for? Flail and throw it Michael fucking Buble?

Jared groaned and put on only the hat.

He may love Jensen but not that much to sacrifice his dignity, his pride as a man…

“Jared! We’re gonna be late! Hurry up!”

Jared quickly donned the shirt before Jensen kills him.

He quickly climbed down the stairs, managing not to trip on his face, for once.

“Oh you look cute!”

Jared flushed at the compliment and almost purred when Jensen petted his hair on their way out. Catching himself before he started to twirl the edges of his shirt like a love struck teenager, he shoved Jensen in a cab and headed to the Staples Center.


Okay, Jared expected this. Thank god. They were waiting on the man to appear and Jared was getting restless but that’s okay cause Jensen was flashing him that smile (the one Jared always thought was just for him)—at least he wishes.

An uproar startled him from his thoughts and the magic man Michael appeared and Jensen did this indignant girly squeak Jared should be videoing for later blackmail but isn’t and Jared couldn’t help but grin. Not at Buble—cause you know he doesn’t do love songs—but at Jensen’s happiness.

After two or more hours of watching the concert, well more like watching Jensen watch the concert, Jared was glad to go home. Jensen was blabbing on about how amazing the concert was and how his first single still has to be his favorite on his recently new album Crazy Love and all Jared could think about was where the hell was Jensen going?  Considering the gushing, foaming at the mouth man turned towards the opposite way of the exit. Apparently Jensen had other things in mind. Jared followed.

“Uh Jensen? Jense?”

Jensen stopped talking long enough to flash him this mysterious smile and Jared basked in the smile for a while not minding that Jensen was going backstage, where Michael probably is and Jared should seriously be focusing right now…

Not until he heard a strange voice did he snap out of it. “Hey Michael meet Jared, my best friend”

Jared blushed and pumped Michael’s hands furiously. Michael seemed taken aback but not weirded out. Good. Jared didn’t need another person on the planet thinking he’s a mega dork.

Jared looked at Jensen and Michael talk freely. Too late. Jared frowned at the familiar way Michael’s hand was on Jensen’s lower back. Something was wrong with this picture…

“Nice to meet you Jared. Gotta jet, maybe next time we can get to talk?”Jared nodded numbly and shook Michael Buble’s hand. Oh my god! He shook Michael Buble’s hand! Jared flailed around in his head for a while, noticing Jensen’s confused expression and halted his ‘ohmygodImetacelebrity!’ dance.

Jared cleared is throat. “So”

Jensen smiled  sheepishly“Yeah, we used to go out. We’re still good friends. He gave me the tickets since he was in L.A”

Jared nodded. He had competition. God his life sucked right now.

Finally, finally Jared did expect this. They went home peacefully, no turns, no surprises, just home. Jared blew out a breath and thunked his aching head on the cab window.

Bleary walking towards their apartment, Jared fiddled with the key while Jensen waited behind him. After dropping the house keys countless times, Jensen snatched it from Jared and opened the door.

Jared almost ran for his bedroom when Jensen pushed him against the now closed door. Jared made a funny noise in confusion. Oh not again…



With an opening available, Jensen plundered his tongue into Jared’s mouth taking over the kiss in a totally dominant but hot way.

“Stop tryin’ to talk and kiss me already!” Jensen replied after letting Jared gather air.

Jared‘s eyes widened in surprise and gathered his wits about him. Cupping Jensen’s cheek while looking into shining green eyes, he smashed his lips with soft, pink ones flicking his tongue shyly against Jensen’s seeking entrance. Jensen curled his tongue in response, the gentle kiss turning feral by the second. Jared fumbled with the door for a bit and managed to back Jensen into their apartment and slamming Jensen’s back against the hard wood. Jared re-attached his lips to spit shining pink ones, rutting all the while against Jensen’s legs.

Jensen broke their intimate act of frottage only to drag Jared to his bedroom. Jensen straddled muscular tanned legs and thrust downwards into thick erection eagerly awaiting his clenching hole. Biting and sucking Jared’s ear, Jensen whispered “fuck me”. Fucking finally.Finally.

Jared liked this surprise…


Feeling the rays of sun through the curtains, Jensen woke up for the first time before Jared. Must have worn him out. He smirked.

Carefully extracting the giant trees Jared called limbs, he peed and ran back to bed, burrowing into Jared’s warmth inadvertently waking up the man-child.

“Hey baby” Jensen whispered.

“We already started with the name-calling? Isn’t it too early for that?” Jared whispered into Jensen’s skin.

“Never too early for calling you a sasquatch bitch”




Jared raised an eyebrow “really Jense-baby?”

“Seriously Jare-bear?”

“Oh fuck you Smeckles”

Jensen grinned. “Wow and I thought having sex with my best friend would change things”

Jared froze. Jensen felt it. Stroking an evenly tanned arm, Jensen burrowed further in. “I didn’t mean it like that. You know that”

“Actually I don’t know Jensen. Can you tell me how it is please?” Jensen frowned at the crack at the end of ‘please’

“I thought you knew. I’m pretty sure every person within a mile radius knows. Even Chad knows.” Jared frowned and raised his head wanting eye contact with Jensen. Jensen refused, instead burrowing his head deeper into the junction between Jared’s neck and shoulder.

“Knows what?”

Jensen didn’t say anything for awhile. Licking his lips, he raised his head and met Jared’s eyes fearfully “I fucking love you asshole! I’m in lovewith you!”

Jared frowned “Seriously?” Jensen rolled his eyes “would I be joking about this?” Jensen looked pissed off.

After about a minute of silence, Jared grinned maniacally scaring Jensen a little bit.

Tackling Jensen to the bed and pinning him, Jared reined kisses on every part of the perfectly freckled body part. Jensen chuckled trying to get Jared off of him. “Get off me Sasquatch!”

Jared shook his head eerily looking like Harley when he was being particularly stubborn. Jensen chuckled and pulled Jared into a hot, steamy kiss.

Licking across plush lips, “I love you too Jensen Ackles” Jared whispered, his hair shielding Jensen’s face.


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